Awaken Your Unique Inner Leader And Thrive

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What you get when we work together

There’s no one size-fits all program.
We’ll use a tailored combination of the strategies below to inspire your personal transformation

Tailored 1-on-1 Coaching


We meet on a weekly or fortnightly basis to discuss the challenges you're facing and explore key learnings together. We'll spend this time breaking down personal barriers and developing a new mindset that will support the leader you aspire to be.

Behavioural Profiling

Personality BLUEPRINT

The E-DISC Profiling tool is individualised and unique to your personality type. It tells us what motivates your actions and behaviours so we can leverage these aspects to assist in your personal transformation. This gives us a direct route to your success.

Laser Sessions

Extra support when you need it

You may have a challenge and need someone to brainstorm with or have a win you want to share between our scheduled sessions. You can call, email, or message me at any time. I'm here to support you in real time when you need it most.

Professional Resources

Build your TOOLKIT

I’ll provide you with tailored reading and audio resources to work through between our sessions. These will help you integrate your learnings and accelerate your growth.

The path to becoming a great leader starts with a single decision

The decision to step up and letting yourself be seen.

Begin by discovering you - the real you. Your thoughts, desires, hangups and how these impact your life.

We’ll then create a game plan to move you from where you are, to a place where you’re thriving, and leading yourself and others authentically.

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"Manu expertly directed the sessions to exactly where they needed to go for me to remember and reconnect with my authentic self"

"Manu holds the coaching space with confidence, certainty and a great understanding of human behaviour. I found her insights to be eye opening and sometimes they left me speechless with their clarity. I knew those insights to be true for me because they resonated on a deep level. I developed so much from working with her and also received the guidance that I required from myself in her caring and generous presence. Manu expertly directed the sessions to exactly where they needed to go for me to remember and reconnect with my authentic self. I highly recommend Manu and would like to thank her sincerely for her beautiful coaching work"

Athene Thompson
Wedding Celebrant

"Manu spots my blindspots from a mile away"

"Manu is such a talented coach. I am a coach myself and so very picky on who I have coach me and they need to be great to get me to where I need to go. Manu has a way of questioning me, that no one else can do. She makes me see blind spots that I never would have found had she not asked me the question. The most amazing thing is she spots them from a mile away. I send all my clients to Manu when I dont have time because I know they are safe and in good hands with her. She genuinely cares and has the skill to go with it. I really really recommend Manu for coaching - in any area of your life!"

Machelle Tewnion
Job title

"I now communicate with a greater level of certainty"

"Manu is an incredible coach! I could not recommend her highly enough. She’s helped me both in my personal relationship and in my business. Manu helped me improve my ability to communicate with a greater level of certainty when working with clients. I'm now working with my own clients in a more empowered way and seeing them get even greater results! She the ability to help all those she works with.”

Caddy Jackson
Life Coach

This is for you if...

You take responsibility for your growth

You have an open mind and are willing to change

You are committed to the process and understand the power of delayed gratification

You are ready to step up and lean into courage

And not for you if...

You’re looking for a quick fix, the ‘magic bullet'

You believe all your problems are caused by others & are not willing to consider how you have contributed to the issues you’re facing

You believe your perception is the only one that matters and aren’t willing to change

You are willing to settle in life